The Women & Girls Report (2011)

The Women’s Foundation is excited to release the first comprehensive report on the status of New Hampshire’s women and girls, in collaboration with us, and the NH Women’s Policy institute. This multi-dimensional study assesses how this population is faring in terms of economics, health, education, and safety and violence. It draws on data compiled by the NH Center for Public Policy Studies, and compares NH’s achievements and challenges with other states. The study examines the progress that has been made in the status of the women and girls of the Granite State, and the obstacles yet to be overcome. The researchears compiled statistics relating to demographic and family changes, education, employment, health, and crime and violence. Based on the data accumulated the report evaluates the status of New Hampshire’s women and girls through the lenses of economic security, health, education, and safety and violence.

The conclusions of this report are very eye-opening, and could have wide-spread implications on policy and economics. In terms of economic security, while New Hampshire compares favorably to New England and peer states,  there remains a significant wage gap and low rates of female business ownership. In education, girls’ test scores in New Hampshire are significantly higher then comparative states, but lag considerably behind their male counterparts in maths and sciences. New England women also fared poorly when it came to health, with higher rates of obesity, heart disease., cancer and poor mental health.  The study also indicated wide variations through the state of NH in terms of women’s poverty levels and health challenges.

View the Executive Summary or the Full Report below.

Executive Summary

Full Report