Building Voice, Money and Power for women and girls in New Hampshire

Our mission

The New Hampshire Women’s Foundation invests in opportunity and equality for women and girls in the Granite State through research, advocacy, education, grantmaking and philanthropy.

 Our 7th annual GALA was May 3rd!

The evening featured dinner, dancing and honoring this year’s AmplifiHER awardee: Susan Werner Thoresen

Change the Future.
Invest in Women and Girls.

Join our movement of gender justice in the Granite State by investing in our work building voice, money and power for women and girls in New Hampshire.

Our Values


Equity and Justice.

Bold & Courageous Leadership.



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We are a trusted source of data in New Hampshire, and are the source of high-quality research with a gender lens. We publish research about women and girls in New Hampshire to inform the public, spark dialogue and shape more equitable statewide policymaking.


We provide education and training, like our nonpartisan Women Run! program, to help women and girls thrive and make a difference in their communities. We also seek to engage all genders in the movement towards gender justice.


We use our platform to advocate for policies that advance opportunity and gender equality in New Hampshire by selecting a number of bills each year that have the greatest potential to impact Granite State women and girls. Our advocacy is nonpartisan, evidence-based and collaborative.


Our grantmaking program fuels positive change in our communities by supporting the most innovative and promising solutions to issues impacting women, girls and marginalized genders in New Hampshire. We know that when women and girls prosper, communities thrive.


We are building voice, money and power for New Hampshire women, girls and marginalized genders. Join us in this movement by staying connected to our work and our mission.


Help us change the landscape in New Hampshire by investing in Granite State women and girls. Your support is crucial to building a state where people of all genders have opportunity and equality.