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How our supporters give to the women's foundation

Make a one-time gift by check or credit card 

  • Make your gift by check payable to New Hampshire Women’s Foundation and send to 18 Low Ave, Suite 205, Concord, NH 03301.
  • Make an online gift with a credit card.

Become a sustaining donor by making a monthly, quarterly or yearly sustaining gift. Your sustaining gift helps the Foundation plan for the year. Become a Sustaining Donor here.

Please notify the Women’s Foundation of your gift by email or by calling 603-226-3355 and give your stock advisor the following information:

Morgan Stanley (Portsmouth Harbor Group)
DTC Number: 0015
For the Benefit of New Hampshire Women’s Foundation
Account # 418-013225
Contact Phone Number: (603) 422-8958

Donors 70 ½ and older may make tax-free gifts (annual maximum of $100,000) directly from an IRA to the New Hampshire Women’s Foundation.

Make plans today to ensure a better tomorrow for women and girls in New Hampshire by including the Women’s Foundation in your estate plans. Bequests, charitable gift annuities and charitable lead and remainder trusts ensure the Foundation’s work continues while providing you with financial and/or tax benefits. Learn more about investing in your legacy through Planned Giving here.

There is no easier way to double your impact than by having your employer match your donation! Consult your employer to learn more.

Celebrate a significant occasion—such as a birthday, wedding, graduation or Mother’s Day—or honor the life of a special person with a gift to the Women’s Foundation.

Do you have a service, skill or item you’d like to donate? Many businesses donate their services, media, or other items on a regular basis. Contact our office for more information: (603) 226-3355.

Why our supporters Give to the Women's Foundation

Why Blair Gives

“Channeling our resources and energy into the Women’s Foundation is one way I can take action and feel empowered in the face of so many setbacks.” — Blair D.

Blair Demers is no stranger to women’s philanthropy. As one of the founding members of the Seacoast Women’s Giving Circle, Blair believes women’s voices and collective impact are critical to affecting change in our communities. She first got involved with the Women’s Foundation through the Giving Circle, and has been a Leadership Donor for nearly a decade.

Blair is very intentional about focusing her resources to support work being done across the state to reinforce women’s rights. As a mom of three daughters, she never forgets the many women before her who worked to ensure freedom and opportunity for her and her girls. And especially after witnessing all of the recent setbacks to women’s rights, she wants to teach her daughters that they can channel disappointment into action.

“Channeling our resources and energy into the Women’s Foundation is one way I can take action and feel empowered in the face of so many setbacks,” Blair says. “We teach our daughters that philanthropy is a way to thank and acknowledge the people and organizations who are spending their time and energy fighting these challenges and solving these problems. It’s one way I can stay optimistic and supportive, and it’s a way to learn about the work of all of these organizations tackling important issues around gender equity in New Hampshire.”

We are grateful for our Leadership Donors like Blair, for their generous annual support of $1,000 or more to the Womens’ Foundation! Join Blair and other Leadership Donors for special events and educational opportunities throughout the year.

Why Revision Energy Gives

“Turns out advancing gender equity goes hand-in-hand with our mission impact and financial success.” — Dan W.

We are grateful for the support of businesses like Revision Energy — they sponsor the Women’s Foundation each year through annual event sponsorships. Dan Weeks, VP of Business Development at ReVision, said, “As a leading construction company always in need of more skilled workers, the resources and networks we’ve gained by partnering with the Foundation have helped us successfully recruit and retain women leaders throughout the business, especially in engineering and the trades. Our employee-owners of all genders benefit from the family-friendly policies we’ve adopted, with help from NHWF, and love attending Foundation events every year. Turns out advancing gender equity goes hand-in-hand with our mission impact and financial success.”

The New Hampshire Women’s Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Donations made to New Hampshire Women’s Foundation are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Our Tax ID is 02-0495092.