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Run for Office with Women Run!

In 2017, the Women’s Foundation launched Women Run!, the Granite State’s only nonpartisan program empowering and training women to run for office at the state and local level. We had a BOLD goal: to change the political landscape in New Hampshire.

Since we launched Women Run!, hundreds of women have participated in our program with great success.

2020 Women Run! Program Series

Our Women Run! program has seen great success, training 116 women in 2017 and 2018 across 7 regional, in-person events. This year, responding to the necessity of digital offerings due to COVID-19, we launched a month-long Women Run! Wednesdays online training series.

We kicked off with US Senator Maggie Hassan, Manchester Mayor Joyce Craig, Dartmouth-Hitchcock CEO, Joanne Conroy, M.D., and Endowment for Health President, Yvonne Goldsberry, Ph.D., discussing how women leaders are rising to COVID-19’s toughest challenges — and why it’s so important that we elect more women to public office to shape our recovery. [see video below]

Over 125 people joined us for that first conversation, and 63 women stayed with us for the three subsequent strategic workshops, geared towards potential candidates, or those interested in providing support for candidates. We covered topics including digital campaigning during COVID-19, the basics you need to know before launching, and (joined by Congresswoman Annie Kuster) how women candidates can leverage networks and mentorships for support.

Ultimately, 37 Women Run! alumnae filed for 2020 candidacy (up from 30 in 2017-2018). Our digitally-accessible 2020 format helped us reach women in new geographic regions, with Women Run! alumnae candidates filing for office in eight of NH’s 10 counties (up from six counties represented in 2018). 

We look forward to expanding opportunities for Women Run! alums to connect with one another and engage new candidates, as we strive to increase the number of elected women in the Granite State!

Women Run! Wednesdays Video

Were you unable to attend the program on May 6th, or did you enjoy it so much you’d like to see it again?

The video for “How Women Leaders are Rising to COVID-19’s Toughest Challenges – And Why We Need More Women in Public Office to Shape Our Recovery” is now available. Please provide us with the information below so we can keep track of interest in our Women Run! program. A link to the full video will be sent to you via email.

More About Women Run!

Here in New Hampshire, we’re known for political firsts like our first-in-the-nation all-female Congressional delegation – but we have a long way to go to achieve political parity for men and women. As we reported in our Gender Matters series, women hold just over a third of the seats in the New Hampshire legislature. When women run for office, they are just as likely to win as men. The problem is that women are significantly less likely to run in the first place. Experts believe women feel less qualified to run than men despite having similar education and experience, and that women are less likely than men to receive positive encouragement to run for office. Women Run! is here to break down those barriers. Our Women Run! events give women the tools, confidence, and community they need to raise their hands and run.

Change begins at home, and we will continue to bring Women Run! events to every corner of the Granite State. From the local school board to the state legislature, there’s an office for every woman who is ready to do the work of campaigning and governing. Whether you’re conservative, progressive, or avoiding political labels, Women Run! is for you.

Are you ready to learn more and join our Women Run! community? Explore the Quick Links below for information about resources, events, and our growing alumnae network!

Quick Links

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