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Run for Office with Women Run!

When women run for office, they are just as likely to win as men. The problem is that women are significantly less likely to run in the first place: there’s a massive gender gap in political ambition. Experts cite many reasons for this gap, but two stand out: women feel less qualified to run than men despite having similar education and experience, and women are less likely than men to receive positive encouragement to run for office.

Our Women Run! program will knock down both of those barriers for women of all political parties and ideologies.

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Vote Run Lead

Are you planning to run for office in 2017 or 2018?

Join the New Hampshire Women’s Foundation and Vote Run Lead on September 23 for a one-day training designed to get you ready to run.

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She Should Run

Organize a conversation in your town
about women running for office!

Whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, Independent or avoid political labels, your participation on school boards, commissions, committees and councils can make your community stronger.

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