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Below is a compilation of our research on women’s role in corporate governance. In New Hampshire, as well as in the United States, when you go up the chain of command in a company, the higher you get, the fewer women you see. Women seem to be consistently under-represented in corporate leadership, especially in our state. Our research takes a look at the figures, comparing data from New Hampshire with the region and the country, and outlines the benefits of breaking through the glass – or in our case, granite – ceiling for businesses.

The Busines Benefits of Women in Leadership: A presentation highlighting the business benefits incurred by having women in top leadership positions. Presented by Katie Merrow of the New Hampshire Women’s policy institute in January of 2008.

Breaking Through the Granite Ceiling in Corporate NH: A study on the barriers facing women on the climb up to corporate leadership in New Hampshire. Published by the New Hampshire Women’s Policy Institute in 2008.

Are We There Yet?: A presentation put together by the New Hampshire Women’s Policy Institute about Granite State women in corporate leadership. It was presented by Katie Merrow in July of 2007.

Additional Resources

We will continue to invest in women and girls through this time of uncertainty.

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