Ila Bertenstein

2024 Summer Intern

Ila Bartenstein (she/they) is a summer intern for the New Hampshire Women’s Foundation. She is a recent graduate of the University of New Hampshire, where she holds a B.S. in Environmental Sciences and Sociology. Ila will be continuing her studies at UNH in the fall to pursue a Master of Arts in Sociology.

Ila’s background lies in library and quantitative research. Ila has written numerous literature reviews and is always eager to deep dive on a new topic. One of her literature reviews, “The Importance of a Supportive School Climate on the Mental Health of Sexual and Gender Minority Students,” was selected for publication in the 2023 edition of Perspectives, an undergraduate journal of sociology. Ila has also had experience in quantitative data collection and analysis through her previous work with the Racial Unity Team of New Hampshire and her own research projects. Ila’s research interests include environmental justice, LGBTQ+ studies, the sociology of gender, mental health, and education systems.

Ila is excited to grow her research skills this summer while supporting the New Hampshire Women’s Foundation’s mission of opportunity and equality for women and girls.