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Meet our 2021 AmplifiHER Honorees

Portsmouth Housing Authority: Tammy Joslyn, Olivia Baker, Daphne Rivera, Jennifer McGinley, and Krista Gilmore

Community Impact
Portsmouth, NH
Portsmout Housing4

I am nominating a team of five women from the Portsmouth Housing Authority in Portsmouth, NH: Tammy Joslyn, Olivia Baker, Daphne Rivera, Jennifer McGinley, and Krista Gilmore.

During the past year, these women have figured out ways to continue to best serve the residents that live in our housing. We house individuals that qualify as elderly and/or low-income. The Resident Services Team adapted the summer and after-school programs for the children in our family developments, keeping everyone safe while still being able to have enriching fun. They worked with the City School Department to schedule tutoring for children that needed the extra help, as schooling at home proved a difficult transition. Additionally, our family developments have a recurring family dinner night hosted by the Resident Services Team. In response to the challenges posed by the pandemic, the Team began providing meals to go, so that families could continue to get a free meal once a week.

Shortly after the state began shutting down due to the pandemic, the ladies were concerned for our elderly residents, especially those who live alone. They spearheaded a group of volunteers to make weekly check-in calls to all elderly residents in our 11 properties, asking how they were, seeing if they were in need of anything, or sometimes just joining them in conversation that hopefully helped alleviate feelings of isolation. The ladies then followed up with those needs by delivering groceries, toiletries, and medications to residents who were in need of help.  When the COVID-19 vaccine became available to the residents in our 11 properties, the ladies put in the effort to contact every single resident, asking if they would like the vaccine. The ladies scheduled a vaccine clinic for all of the Portsmouth Housing Authority properties and ensured that the information on the details of the clinic were handed out door to door.  These women have made an extremely positive impact in the physical and emotional wellbeing of many residents since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and are deserving of recognition for doing so!



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