This Election Day, Vote Your Values

red VOTE on blue background — "for a better future for women and girls" in white below

A message from our CEO —  published over the weekend in Concord MonitorSeacoastOnline and others:


Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 8th, voters across New Hampshire will have an opportunity to respond at the voting booth to recent attacks on women’s rights and freedoms. 

From the Supreme Court and Congress to the New Hampshire Legislature and Executive Council, we have seen repeated attacks on women’s freedom, rights, and access to health care. Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and the federal right to abortion, these attacks on reproductive freedom at the state level are more dangerous than ever. 

Two years ago, New Hampshire legislators passed, and Governor Sununu signed into law, an abortion ban with no exceptions for rape, incest, or the health of the mother. Our Executive Council voted four times to defund three family planning clinics and recently voted to defund after-school sex-ed and teen-parent resource programs that have effectively reduced teen pregnancies in New Hampshire. This is impacting not just women’s health and freedom but our economic self-determination. 

 There is no reason a politician — federal, state, or local — should be involved in our personal health care decisions. We have seen time and again, that when legislators regulate women’s health, it harms women. The majority of Granite Staters agree: Women can and will make healthcare decisions for themselves with their doctors — without a politician weighing in.  

Use the power of your vote on Election Day to choose federal and state candidates who stand up to extremists, support women’s rights, freedom and autonomy, and won’t put barriers between you and your health care. 

Please vote for a better future for New Hampshire women and girls.

With you in spirit and action

Tanna Clews,
, NH Women’s Foundation

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