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How To Watch The 2020 WBC Event — She Votes: The 19th Amendment & The Road Ahead

Joining Us for WBC?

To best enjoy our exciting 2020 WBC “She Votes” program, we suggest the following:

  • Step One — Set up your TV, computer or whatever device you’ll be watching on
  • Step Two — Cue up our live stream video on Facebook or YouTube (see instructions below)
  • Step Three — Text some friends to join you (or create a Watch Party on Facebook, see below)
  • Step Four — Tune in and be inspired!

*Bonus: Post photos of your live stream viewing party using the hashtag #WomenBuildingCommunity on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter — we’ll be sharing some of them at the end of the live program!

Watching on Facebook?

The event will be streaming Live on our Facebook Page starting at 12pm. RSVP to the Facebook Live event!

Keep an eye on your notifications — if you’re RSVPed to the even, you’ll be notified when the event begins!

Watching on YouTube?

The YouTube livestream will start at 11:58am with some music, and the event will start at 12pm.  Access the YouTube live stream directly.

If you are using the YouTube app on your phone/tablet, smart TV, Apple TV, Roku or other streaming device, you can find our channel by searching “New Hampshire Women’s Foundation” and the video “NHWF WBC 2020”

Be sure to click “Set Reminder” to be notified when the event is beginning — or if it’s started already, just click to join!

Our annual WBC is really all about #WomenBuildingCommunity — so here are five ways you can build community around this event:

#1 — Join the Pre-Event Networking

Upgrade to a paid ticket ahead of time and you’ll be able to register to join the pre-event networking portion of the event on Zoom! We’ll be splitting attendees up into virtual “tables” (breakout rooms) and will lightly facilitate networking leading up to the main program. This is as close as we’ll get to our high-energy milling about in the lobby before the event!

#2 — Create a Watch Party Group on Facebook

Once the event begins, you can create a “Watch Party” post in your feed and invite all of your friends, or tag/invite specific friends to watch with you — you’ll be able to chat with each other live in the comments! You can also create a private Group ahead of time if you want to invite your Watch Party guests in advance (they will only be added if they Accept the invitation). Name it something fun like, “Jackie’s Book Club Watches WBC together!” so your friends know why you’re inviting them to this new Group.

#3 — Text your Friends

Watching on your big-screen TV via YouTube and know others who are as well? Text them throughout the event with your reactions — it’s like whispering to your table-mates in person!

#4 — Post your #WomenBuildingCommunity selfie

Join in the virtual lunch-online stream by posting your selfie using the hashtag #WomenBuildingCommunity! Not only will you join the live conversation around the hashtag on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, we might pick your photo to show at the end of our live program!

#5 — Buy some She Votes swag

Carry the message and spirit of the event into the future by ordering a She Votes mask or Tee with your ticket — who knows what fellow attendee you may bump into on a future Zoom, or once we’re back to socializing in person!


Links to tickets, swag and the Facebook and YouTube livestreams can all be found here:

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