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The Honorable Martha Fuller Clark and Dr. Geoffrey Clark

For more than 40 years, Martha and Jeff have dedicated their personal and professional lives to strengthening New Hampshire communities.

As an elected official, Martha has consistently championed public policies that create opportunity and equity and that improve the health of women and girls. These policies have included equal pay, family and medical leave, gender nondis­crimination, marriage equality, and access to safe, affordable, reproductive health care. Martha was a founding board member of the Women’s Fund, the Women’s Policy Institute, and the Women’s Foundation.

Jeff is a gastroenterologist, pharmaceutical entrepre­neur, and film producer. He has served on the boards of many community-based organizations, including Families First, the Greater Piscataqua Community Foundation, New Hampshire Public Radio, The Music Hall, and Planned Parenthood of Northern New England. He is also active in a number of progressive political organizations, working tirelessly to advance opportunities for women and young people to run for office and to ensure voting rights for all New Hampshire residents.

Through their tremendous leadership, advocacy, and philanthropy on behalf of women and girls in New Hampshire, Martha and Jeff truly embody the spirit of the AmplifiHER award.



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