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Run for Office with Women Run!

In 2017, the Women’s Foundation launched Women Run!, the Granite State’s only nonpartisan program empowering and training women to run for office at the state and local level. We had a BOLD goal: to change the political landscape in New Hampshire.

To date, hundreds of women have participated in our Women Run! program, with great success! Want to get involved — by running for office yourself or showing up for the women who do? Read on!

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Upcoming events

Join us on Wednesday, July 27th in Manchester, from 9am to 3pm, and develop the confidence and skills to step up and make a difference through service to your community.

  • Learn how to run for political office or help elect other women to state and local office
  • Hear elected New Hampshire women and other experts share their experiences
  • Gain a community of support and leave with strategies for success

Become a Women Run! Mentor

Want to share your experience and expertise as a past or present elected official? Sign up to be a mentor to one of our Women Run! program participants!

Volunteer for a Women Run! Candidate

Not interested in running for office yourself (or already elected) but want to help a Woman Run! candidate?

Sign up to volunteer and we’ll connect you with program participants who need help in their races!

More About Women Run!

Here in New Hampshire, we’re known for political firsts like our first-in-the-nation all-female Congressional delegation – but we have a long way to go to achieve political parity for men and women. See our Gender Matters series for updates on women’s representation in local and state government. When women run for office, they are just as likely to win as men. The problem is that women are significantly less likely to run in the first place. Experts believe women feel less qualified to run than men despite having similar education and experience, and that women are less likely than men to receive positive encouragement to run for office. Women Run! is here to break down those barriers. Our Women Run! events give women the tools, confidence, and community they need to raise their hands and run.

Change begins at home, and we will continue to bring Women Run! events to every corner of the Granite State. From the local school board to the state legislature, there’s an office for every woman who is ready to do the work of campaigning and governing.



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