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Bills Before The NH House Judiciary Committee This Week Attack Reproductive Health And Rights

NH Women’s Foundation opposes HB 625, HB 622, HB 430, HB 434, HB 596 and HB 233

We are in the midst of a public health crisis where women are bearing the overwhelming majority of negative health and economic impacts — while still shouldering most caregiving responsibilities for family members. Yet some New Hampshire legislators are focused on attacking our reproductive health care and restricting access to abortion. They have introduced six bills that had hearings this week over the course of two days.

Now is the time when we must call on our policymakers to reject these attacks on reproductive health care, and to provide critically-needed support for New Hampshire women and families.

Instead of restricting access to care during the pandemic, we urge this legislature to focus on policy priorities that would improve women’s health and that would address and alleviate the many economic, public health and caregiving burdens that New Hampshire women are carrying.

The New Hampshire Women’s Foundation supports full access to reproductive health care for all who need it.

We believe that women and people who can become pregnant should have both freedom to make reproductive and sexual health choices, and access to the necessary health care to fulflll those choices, including birth control, abortion, maternity care and gender-affirming health care.

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