Here’s What I Think – Karen

“We keep saying that women’s issues are economic issues…they are also family issues.  As soon as NH is able to provide high quality and affordable child care for all families then attaining gender equality will no longer be an elusive goal, rather it will become and empowering reality.” – Karen Prior, Exeter, NH

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Here’s What I Think – Erin

“Gender equality to me means continuing to give women more and more opportunities to succeed.  We need to keep the conversation going and keep bringing women’s issues to the forefront so that we can continue to break down barriers and give the next generation a brighter future.” – Erin Allgood, Dover, NH

Here’s What I Think – Molly

“As a single mother of both a daughter and a son, I feel it is imperative on me personally to model all aspects of being a positive and good person.  I try to show them the importance of embracing all aspects of their humanity.” -Molly Hodgson, Dover, NH

Here’s What I Think – Pri

“Three years of a girls’ boarding school and four years at a women’s college showed me the importance of giving women access to the same quality education that men receive, an education that is highly respected by all.” – Priscilla (Pri) Phenix, Durham, NH

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Here’s What I Think – Mary

“Gender equality is the human right to authentically construct your own identity.  It is the freedom to believe in the person you are and want to be.” – Mary Callaghan, Dover, NH.


Here’s What I Think – Craig

“A critical mass of women at the highest levels of business and government will cause s dramatic shift in the way organizations are managed, people are valued, and how we provide for all of our families.” – Craig Welch, Portsmouth, NH

Alex Amadeo copy

Here’s What I Think – Alex

“Good policy-making requires a variety of perspectives.  We need to encourage women to become involved in the political process to ensure we’re moving towards a more equitable society.” – Alex Amadeo, Manchester, NH

hwit-Persephone Bennett

Here’s What I Think – Persephone

“When every person regardless of gender can see inequality and work towards fixing it, we will have made it.” – Persephone Bennett, Rollinsford, NH


Here’s What I Think – Martha

“Gender equality begins in the home.  Taking responsibility for cultivating mutual respect, fairness, and equal partnership within our families and homes is the backbone of change.” – Martha Goodrich, Lebanon, NH

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Here’s What I Think – Dianne

“I see myself as an Equalist.  Rights cannot be defined based on my gender, they should be defined because I am a human being.  I have rights because I am a person.” – Dianne Wieler, Exeter, NH

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