Here’s What I Think – Kasey

“I believe that even though women have come a long way we are still so far behind in advancements” – Kasey Morgan, Dover, NH

Here’s What I Think – Racheal

“There are countless, beautiful, delightful ways of being along the gender identity continuum, not just girls and boys, women and men.  I say be who you are and see who shows up.” – Racheal Stuart, Berlin & Deerfield, NH

Here’s What I Think – Emily

“I graduated college in 1970.  We are still far from gender equality, in attitudes, roles, and salaries.  We realize that children speak what they know or feel.  However, our children’s ideas and feeling are formed by what they hear and see.  Be aware of what you say, our children are listening.” – Emily Teller, Westford, MA

Here’s What I Think – Rosjke

“Gender equality to me means creating a world that knows, without question, that sexism and gender inequality is wrong, just as wrong as slavery was.” – Rosjke Hasseldin, Durham, NH


Here’s What I Think – Elaine

“I have had the privilege of helping thousands of girls to become empowered through building. Programs that take our girls far out of their comfort zone enable them to discover how strong, powerful, and capable they are.  That is the lens they need to crush this glass ceiling.” – Elaine Hamel, New Boston, NH

hwit-Rebecca Emerson-Brown

Here’s What I Think – Rebecca

“We need feminism because we are more than vaginas!” – Rebecca Emerson-Brown, Portsmouth, NH

hwit-William Woodward

Here’s What I Think – William

“I teach women’s studies and I am the father of a daughter, a son, and a transgender.  Two of the three worked for A Safe Place.  We learned that gender equality requires vigilance and effort and allies.” – William Woodward, Durham, NH

Here’s What I Think – Rick

“How can we call ourselves a ‘free’ society until all women have equal rights” – Rick Russman, Kingston, NH

Here’s What I Think – Michael

“I am happy to have grown up in a family environment committed to gender equality and am ever grateful for the many life lessons I learned from my two older sisters, the two most kind, determined, passionate people I know!” – Michael Mengers, Dover, NH

Here’s What I Think – Rebecca

“Today, women don’t have as many rights as men, especially in the workplace.” – Rebecca Imbimbo, Exeter, NH

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