Equal Pay Day 2013 | Pat Yosha: Women Deserve Equal Pay

The following article was written by NHWI Founding Mother Pat Yosha on this, the 2013 Equal Pay Day (the day a woman must work until in this year to have made the same money a man made by the end of the last year).   WOMEN DESERVE EQUAL PAY             April 9 is Equal Pay […]

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Women & the Web | Why Internet Access Matters

From onlineclasses.org, information about Women & the Web: “…when women are able to gain access to the Internet, they begin to do powerful things with it. Among women in developing nations, many of those who have been able to access the web have used it to find work, do research, and otherwise seek an additional […]

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NHWI NH Union Leader New Coalition Nancy West

NHWI “New coalition of NH women working toward new ground” | NH Union Leader

New coalition of NH women working toward new ground January 20. 2013 10:13PM By NANCY WEST New Hampshire Sunday News It’s a new day for three organizations that have long promoted gender equality in New Hampshire, and they are stronger than ever since merging a year ago to form the New Hampshire Women’s Initiative, according […]

Equal Pay Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy

Connecticut to look into gender wage gap | Gov. Daniel Malloy

Connecticut is going to take a look at wage disparity in their state. Gov. Malloy: It’s time for the state to look for ways to address gender wage disparity Governor Dannel P. Malloy today announced that the Connecticut Department of Labor, led by Commissioner Sharon Palmer, and the Department of Economic and Community Development, led […]

Entrepreneurship and Gender Equity

Entrepreneurship and Gender Equity

This article from Trend Lines discusses one scientist’s hypothesis on female employees in large organizations. Originally Brian predicted that larger organizations would have higher percentages of gender equity, his hypothesis was quickly disproven when it was discovered that smaller firms have higher percentages of gender equity amongst employees. The article also discusses education levels amongst female employees. […]

Community Resource Guide for Women

Community Resources: A Guide for NH Women in Transition

The downloadable guide below has information on food, clothing, domestic and sexual violence assistance, and much more for NH women. This guide was released by the Women’s Fund of New Hampshire to support the organization’s mission to provide accurate information to women so that they can enhance economic security, health, safety, and general well being. The […]

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Do French Women Need Feminism?

Do French women need feminism? | Christian Science Monitor

Working French women, backed by generous government policies, enjoy a reputation for ‘having it all.’ But that may not mean what Americans might think. Do French women need feminism? By Sara Miller Llana, Staff writer, Bastien Inzaurralde, Correspondent / January 8, 2013 PARIS — When ex-model and former French first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy made comments […]

International pact would curb worldwide gender discrimination. USA Today

Why U.S. Needs to Ratify Women’s Rights Treaty | USA Today

From USA Today By Emily Martin and Arjun Sethi January 6, 2013 International pact would curb worldwide gender discrimination. One of the distinguishing features of American foreign policy is its claim of moral authority in the field of human rights. Our politicians regularly cite America as a beacon of freedom and as a champion of […]

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Women at war- slow evolution Boston Globe

Infantry Now Shut to Women; Do They Want it Open? | Boston Globe

From the Boston Globe: If or when the Pentagon lets women become infantry troops — the country’s front-line warfighters — how many women will want to? The answer is probably not many. Interviews with a dozen female soldiers and Marines showed little interest in the toughest fighting jobs. They believe they would be unable to […]

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Number of women in Congress | USA Today

From USA Today: Women in Congress The number of women in the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives has increased slowly but steadily over the past three decades. Read the full story online at USA Today: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2013/01/03/women-congress-senate-record/1807657/

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