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Below is a compilation of our research on equal pay, which refers to the discrepancies in men’s and women’s salaries. While women have made huge strides in the equal pay fight, it’s no secret or The Importance of Fair Pay of Women in NHsurprise that, on average, they still earn less than their male counterparts. Research shows that the gender pay gap is an issue that not only affects women, but children as well since the majority of single parents are women. Included in our research is a fact sheet on the gender pay gap, information on Equal Pay Day and an analysis and examination on the gender pay gap among college graduates.

2014 Equal Pay Report

The Importance of Fair Pay of Women in NH: New Hampshire State Equal Pay Fact Sheet. Published April 2012.

Understanding the Wage Gap in NH: A fact sheet published by the New Hampshire Women’s Policy Insitute about the nature of the wage gap in New Hampshire. Published in 2008.

IWPR Wage Gap Study: A fact sheet on the history and status of the gendered wage gap, released by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research in September of 2009.

Behind Pay Gap:: A study of the underlying  causes  for the gendered wage gap, authored by Judy Goldberg Dey and Catherine Hill. The study was published by the American Association of University Women Educational Foundation in April of 2007.

Women Bringing Home the Bacon NHPR: A broadcast on NHPR by Laura Knoy. The broadcast featured Kristin Smith, Ross Gittel, and Nikki Murphy discussing the recent trends of increasing numbers of women being the sole breadwinners for their families. It was originally broadcast on March 4, 2010.

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