April 4 – Equal Pay Day

April 4, 2017 is Equal Pay Day – a day that symbolizes how far into the year women must work to earn what men earned in the previous year. Help us close the gap by donating $24 to the New Hampshire Women’s Foundation on Equal Pay Day. All money raised for Equal Pay Day will go […]

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International Women’s Day

Dear Friend, Today, International Women’s Day, the New Hampshire Women’s Foundation commends the millions of women and men across the state, country and world who are sharing their strength by participating in a #DayWithoutAWoman. By striking, marching, supporting women- and minority-owned businesses, donating to women’s organizations and #wearingred, we are building a collective voice in support of […]

March is Women’s History Month! Blog post by our President, Terie Norelli

Our President has some ideas on how you can ignite conversations about gender equality in our state and around the world New Hampshire citizens and supporters of the NHWF, March is Women’s History Month!  If you are looking for a way to do something meaningful, then I have just the suggestion.  Contact your area schools […]

N.H.’s new laws protect women’s rights

The Eagle Tribune just released an article that shows the progress that women in New Hampshire made during this past legislative session. Below is a short quote from the article that summarizes the new laws: “The laws, adopted by the Legislature last session, do everything from bolstering domestic violence regulations to making sure women receive […]

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Equal Pay Report!

New report on equal pay in New Hampshire combines statistics and citizen feedback September 8nd, 2014 Concord, NH –The New Hampshire Women’s Initiative, the Gender Research Institute of Dartmouth and the Women’s Fund of New Hampshire have teamed up to create a new report called Understanding Equal Pay in the Granite State. The brainchild of NHWI […]

The Gender Pay Gap… It Still Exists

EQUAL PAY DAY: APRIL 8, 2014 The simple truth about the gender pay gap is that it still exists in nearly every occupation, in every state. It hasn’t budged in a decade: full-time, year-round  women workers are paid 77 percent of what men are paid, despite the fact that the Equal Pay Act was passed […]

Blog Post from Liz O’Donnell, Author of Mogul, Mom & Maid: The Balancing Act of the Modern Woman. Book Signing on Thursday, February 6th in Concord!

Moguls, Moms and Maids: How the Housework Gap Affects The Wage Gap by Liz O’Donnell Equal pay advocates rejoiced when New Hampshire state lawmakers recently introduced two bills, HB 1188 and SB 207 designed to close the gender-based wage gap. And they were right to be excited about the legislation. According to the National Women’s […]

Debora Spar is Coming to the Music Hall!

Coming soon from The Music Hall and The New Hampshire Women’s Initiative: Debora L. Spar and her book, Wonder Women: Sex, Power and the Quest for Perfection! Click here for more information!

Congratulations, Mary Jo Brown!

We want to congratulate our Chair, Mary Jo Brown for being selected as a 2014 Influencer in the Business NH Influencer Index! She does terrific work for gender equity in New Hampshire and we are all appreciative of her efforts! She is more than deserving of this recognition. Pick up the current issues of Business […]

Breaking News: Pay Equity Bill for NH

It’s what we’ve all been waiting for, and it’s long over due! New Hampshire (as well as Pennsylvania) has introduced Equal Pay bills! After learning about — and sharing with everyone we know, thanks to our Gender Matters series — just how relevant an issue the wage gap still is, this is pretty exciting news for […]

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