N.H.’s new laws protect women’s rights

The Eagle Tribune just released an article that shows the progress that women in New Hampshire made during this past legislative session. Below is a short quote from the article that summarizes the new laws: “The laws, adopted by the Legislature last session, do everything from bolstering domestic violence regulations to making sure women receive […]

Landya McCafferty

Landya McCafferty Sworn in as judge for the U.S. District Court in Concord – the first woman to hold the job

Congratulations to Justice Landya McCafferty for being the first woman in New Hampshire to be a judge for the U.S. District Court in Concord. It was described as “the last of the firsts” for women in our state’s government. Check out the full article in the Concord Monitor here.

Congratulations, Mary Jo Brown!

We want to congratulate our Chair, Mary Jo Brown for being selected as a 2014 Influencer in the Business NH Influencer Index! She does terrific work for gender equity in New Hampshire and we are all appreciative of her efforts! She is more than deserving of this recognition. Pick up the current issues of Business […]

A Revolutionary Commercial Celebrating Women

During the Golden Globes yesterday, Bing featured an advertisement of women who have inspired the world this year. Played to the song “Brave” by Sara Bareilles, Bing celebrates all that women have achieved this year and encourages all of us to be brave in 2014. Click Here to see the Advertisement!

Breaking News: Pay Equity Bill for NH

It’s what we’ve all been waiting for, and it’s long over due! New Hampshire (as well as Pennsylvania) has introduced Equal Pay bills! After learning about — and sharing with everyone we know, thanks to our Gender Matters series — just how relevant an issue the wage gap still is, this is pretty exciting news for […]

The Latest Shriver Report Released!

The Shriver Report

The Shriver Reports, spearheaded by Maria Shriver, have become important and respected documents that give us a contemporary look at women in our society today. The latest report was released Sunday! Click Here for the Full Report!

Op-Ed: Gender Matters – November 2013

by Debora Pignatelli The recent shutdown of the federal government was an unnecessary and costly embarrassment. Of course, there are strongly held views in our nation’s capital and in every American community. Some of the political issues are difficult ones. That really hasn’t changed, though, over the course of American history. There have always been […]

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Equal Pay Day 2013 | Pat Yosha: Women Deserve Equal Pay

The following article was written by NHWI Founding Mother Pat Yosha on this, the 2013 Equal Pay Day (the day a woman must work until in this year to have made the same money a man made by the end of the last year).   WOMEN DESERVE EQUAL PAY             April 9 is Equal Pay […]

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Here's What I Think Nh Gender Equality

Here’s What I Think —Jason

Here’s What I Think: New Hampshire citizens speak out on gender equality “When I think about gender equality, I think about the possibilities of empowerment. When we all have access to an equal playing field, we all have the opportunities to succeed!” Jason Teaster Sutton, NH

Women & the Web | Why Internet Access Matters

From onlineclasses.org, information about Women & the Web: “…when women are able to gain access to the Internet, they begin to do powerful things with it. Among women in developing nations, many of those who have been able to access the web have used it to find work, do research, and otherwise seek an additional […]

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