NHWF Statement on Rep Fisher


New Hampshire Women’s Foundation calls on Representative Robert Fisher to Resign 

Like other Granite Staters, we are deeply offended by Representative Robert Fisher’s alleged online activity and comments about women and rape. As an elected official, he not only represents his district, but our entire state. We join Republican and Democratic leadership, business and community leaders, and women and men from across the state in calling for Representative Fisher to resign.

Representative Fisher’s online activity, including creating Red Pill, a Reddit forum promoting misogynist and anti-women rhetoric of “men’s’ rights” is disappointing and tasteless. His online comments about rape, however, aren’t just provocative, they are dangerous. “Rape isn’t an absolute bad, because the rapist I think probably likes it a lot. I think he’d say it’s quite good, really.” Representative Fisher’s own words show that he is unqualified to represent men and women in his district, much less protect them from unwanted, violent and/or criminal actions.

There is no place for the encouraging or trivializing rape in the New Hampshire State House. We need elected officials who will work to reverse the tide in New Hampshire where 33% of women and 20% of men are sexually assaulted. We need the Legislature to prioritize funding for sexual assault and domestic violence services—which includes education and prevention training. Representative Fisher should step aside immediately to make room for a legislator who supports these essential public safety measures.

About the NH Women’s Foundation:

The New Hampshire Women’s Foundation’s mission is to promote gender equality and opportunity for women and girls in New Hampshire through research, education, philanthropy, and advocacy. Over the past 19 years, the Women’s Foundation has granted more than $1.3 million to nonprofits throughout the state including domestic violence and sexual assault service organizations, as well as programs that teach young men and women about healthy relationships and communication.





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