Rosjke shares her First in the Nation experience

First in the Nation Jeffrey Hastings / Frame of Mind Photo

Photo: Jeffrey Hastings / Frame of Mind Photo

Attendee Rosjke Hasseldine shares her experience from the First in the Nation event:

The 2012 election was a watershed moment for New Hampshire. I wonder what my Grandmother would’ve said about New Hampshire achieving the First in the Nation to have the top five jobs filled by women, since women didn’t have the vote when she was born. Did she think that this would ever be possible?  What difference does she think this will make to New Hampshire and the United States? And did she ever dream of running for office herself?

I have developed a method of mapping a woman’s mother daughter history, and sadly in my mother daughter map my grandmother would never have been allowed to run for office. The thinking that it’s perfectly normal for a woman to run for office isn’t present in my female history. And as I sat listening to Maggie Hassan and the other elected officials talk about how strong their mothers are and how supportive their husbands are, at the breakfast celebration on Friday December 7 at Saint Anselm College, I’m delighted that women are finally claiming their right to be powerful. I want to applaud how these women and their families, and the people who voted for them have created a new normal, one where it’s perfectly normal for a woman to be on the podium and men cheering her on. In my thirty years as a women’s rights advocate I have never been at an event where there were so many men in attendance or witnessed such heart-felt celebration and support for women’s power and achievement. New Hampshire should be proud of itself! They’ve created a normal we now cannot turn away from!

Written by Rosjke Hasseldine, Mother Daughter Relationship Therapist, author of “The Silent Female Scream”

Rosjke Hasseldine


Thanks so much for sharing your experience from the event, Rosjke!

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